Home Invest BelgiumA Belgian listed real estate company

specialized in residential property for the letting market.

The Pulse:
a new example of an office reconversion

The Pulse is an example of the reconversion of an office space into a residential building. The type of reallocation is not a first for Home Invest Belgium, who has already realized several similar projects.

Based on this success and in order to highlight sustainable development, circular economy is one of the pillars of our company’s philosophy.

The project

Home Invest Belgium

Since its constitution in June 1999, Home Invest Belgium is a Belgian listed real estate company, specialized in residential property for the letting market.

Owner of a portfolio of over € 450 million, it offers both high-quality premises and a professional management to its tenants.

Home Invest Belgium also develops its own projects in order to ensure portfolio growth and proceeds to a regular arbitrage on part of it. Exclusively operating in Belgium till in 2016, it has strengthened the geographical diversification of its portfolio by investing in the Netherlands.

Home Invest Belgium is listed on the continuous market of Euronext Brussels [HOMI] and benefits from the Belgian REIT (SIR/GVV) tax regime.

Discover The Pulse

A peaceful haven in the middle of the city

The Pulse is located in the heart of Brussels
in a small island,
away from the traffic

The location
Impressive at first sight

A project comprising three separate buildings and 3 houses,
away from the hustle and bustle

The project